How and how much?

We meet for a non-committal first talk or – if that is not possible – we telephone. The first personal contact is important to find out whether we will both like each other – a very important premise if you want to entrust your memories to me. After that we will agree on how to arrange the days when you tell me your stories.

Usually for the part of telling me your stories, between 1 and 4 days are needed. If we are to travel to different places, do research or pick up material like letters, photos and other items, we might need to plan for more days than this. The number of days needed for writing and arranging your biographical story depends on the length of it: from a few days for shorter ones to a few weeks for more complex ones.

You decide how you want to have your story presented: bound as a brochure, as a book or as softcopy. I will send you the final version via mail or email.

We will negotiate my daily rate at our first personal contact. Travel, printing and binding will be charged to you additionally. A softcopy will be delivered for free.

We are certain that a thread runs through all things: everything is put on a string like pearls, and persons and events and life, everything comes to us, because there is this thread”.

Emerson: Montaigne or the sceptic