“All we do is possible only because we remember…”

… and yet it is sometimes difficult to talk about our memories and especially to talk about them with those close to us.

There might be several reasons like: I don’t want to bother my family with my old stories; or, I am afraid to hurt somebody with the truth; or, because time has passed and it doesn’t seem to be relevant anymore; or, because it might evoke unpleasant feelings. But memories are too precious to be lost. Therefore it is often easier to entrust memories to somebody who is not involved.

I will listen to you and put your stories in black and white.

You will find out about the various stages in your life, about your dreams and hopes and turning points. More and more you will uncover the red thread that is the clue to your memories. You may discover and admire your life patterns. Sometimes you will take up forgotten interests again, perhaps in a way you never thought of.

You decide about what you want to talk, and who should get your stories afterwards.

You also decide where we will meet: in your usual environment, at the places of your childhood and youth, in your preferred coffee-shop or at any other place of your choice where you get inspired.

The stories can be accompanied by photos, letters, drawings and anything else that inspirits your memories.