“Without retrospection there is no vision for the future”.

Your company or organization is made up of people; therefore it also passes through a life cycle: after the enthusiastic foundation and set-up follows the arduous phase of consolidation. Sometimes after a time of conflict or at the end of the cycle, questions of succession or sale have to be considered.

You have perhaps already mastered the crisis and initiated transformation, such as changes of personnel, adjustments to the markets or to the wider environment.

Don’t you think it is worth keeping these important phases of your company’s growth recorded? The history of your company discloses your experience and capacity to learn, change and adjust. Being aware and proud of your achievements is important for further development and sometimes also to complete the cycle well.

You may wish to outline the course of development of your company for your clients, partners or successors in order to improve comprehension, or to prompt interest or curiosity, or to present new ideas.

I will compose the history of your company or organization from personal narrations, interviews, documents, and research.